Activity categories

This table shows the risk category (low, medium or high) of a number of common activities. You can use this table when you are working out the number of hours spent doing medium risk and high risk activities. (Low risk activities don’t materially affect bleeds risk, so there is no need to nominate time spent doing low risk activities in BRuCe. They are listed here simply so you can see they are low risk and therefore not important.) You can search the table for a particular activity using your web browser’s search function (in most browsers you can search with Control + F).

Activity category Activity types Examples
low risk Inactive eating, playing music except drums, lying down, reading, watching television, computer time, Playstation, PSP, Nintendo, bathing, dentist/doctor appointments, getting dressed, getting out of car, homework, talking on phone, board games
low risk Home duties vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, sweeping, cooking, painting, gardening, lawn mowing, shopping, picking up rubbish, work duties (McDonald's etc.)
low risk Walking/jogging/sprinting walking for transport, walking for recreation, jogging, sprint races, long distance running, marching, athletics, bushwalking, cross country running
low risk Swimming freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, kickboard, treading water
low risk Light play playing with friends, building cubby house, playing with dog, playing with blocks, drumming, Wii fit or Wii sports, jumping, slippery dip, see-saw, frisbee, skipping, hula hoop, swing, push, card games, laser zone, theme parks
low risk Non-contact sports  archery, darts, lawn bowls, golf, fishing, tai chi, pool, snooker, table tennis, marbles, badminton, ten pin bowling
low risk Dancing hip hop, jazz, ballroom, contemporary, Latin American, Irish, Scottish, folk dancing
low risk Gym activities lifting weights, gym equipment, cardio, rowing ergometer, stretching, physiotherapy exercises
low risk Physical education (PE) unspecified school PE lessons
low risk Unstructured non-contact ball games handball, two square, throwing, catching, kicking
low risk Structured throwing activities shot put, javelin, discus
low risk Water activities (low risk) swimming in surf, sailboarding, nippers, snorkeling, scuba diving, boogie boarding, rowing, canoeing, lifesaving
medium risk Water activities (moderate risk) surfing, skim boarding, surf lifesaving, waterskiing,  comp diving, water slides, white water rafting, sailing,
medium risk Unstructured park/playground activities jumping castle, trampolining, climbing, tug-o-war, climbing trees, swinging from ropes, playing on play equipment
medium risk Gymnastics artistic, rhythmic, acrobatics, competitive trampolining
medium risk Riding activities (low risk) bike riding, track & road cycling, riding scooter, riding horse, motor bike riding, rollerblading, roller-skating, BMX lite
medium risk Wilderness rock climbing, abseiling, chopping wood
medium risk Hard ball games/training baseball, softball, cricket, t-ball
medium risk Running games/jumping running games, chasings, tiggy, long jump, high jump, hurdles
medium risk Racquet sports tennis, squash
medium risk Mod-low contact sports soccer, netball, basketball, touch football, Oz tag, water polo, volleyball, European handball, field hockey, football umpire, school sport
high risk Snow sports skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing, snowboarding
high risk Martial arts karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, boxercise, boxing drill
high risk Contact/collision sports tackle football including rugby union, rugby league, AFL, American football, ice hockey, wrestling, boxing
high risk Motor sports motocross 
high risk Riding activities (moderate risk) skateboarding, rip-stick, BMX hard core
high risk Rough play wrestling, dodge ball, brandings, rumbling, slap boxing, rough housing